Importance of the dental check up


Importance of the dental check up


Regular dental check-ups are considered an important matter for patients and dentists. Approximately 50 % of the adults’ patients in the United Kingdom have not visited the dentist for 2 years according to a study published from the Health and Social Care Information Center while  25 % of adults only visit the dentist just in case of oral problems.

The irregularity of dental check-up is an established problem if we consider that 31 % of the adults have tooth decay, 66 % has visible plaque and the 29 % suffer from mouth and tooth pain

A regular dental exam is an important element of preventive health care.

During a dental exam, the dentist will evaluate the risk of development of oral health problems and will identify some face, neck, and mouth abnormalities.


How often should you visit the dentist

The dentist should be visited regularly independent of age. The frequency needed is decided by the dental team. In case of some medical conditions, the oral cavity requires to be checked with more frequency. Patients with dry mouth demand an evaluation more often than other patients due to the high susceptibility to develop tooth decay. The dry mouth usually is a potential side effect of certain medications such as antihistaminic medication, Parkinson medication, muscle relaxants, and High Blood Pressure Medication.


Why dental check-up is very important

We usually ignore our mouth health and we keep the main attention on the rest of the body. We forget that the tooth decay can lead to complications like infections, endocarditis, brain abscess, and embolism. We allow the development of the problem before to visit the dentist. Some examples of these problems are the following.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is considered a serious disease. Usually, it is not diagnosed and rapidly progress and become a life-threatening condition. The early-stage  of this pathology is diagnosed during a dental check up.

 Gums disease

The allowing of gum to bleed is linked with the creation of cavities and inflamed gums. The most common complication of this is to lose the teeth.

Tooth pain

The main reason for tooth pain is the formation of cavities. One of the main complications is the infection of the roots. This infection will lead to more extensive treatment. The regular check up is going to help with the identification of the beginning of the problem and it is going to have a positive impact on teeth surveillance.

The overall dental check up can decrease dramatically the development of oral problems and it is also less expensive than other dental procedures.

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