Composite Bonding Cases


Composite Bonding Improves Shape, Colour, & Appearance of Your Teeth in One Short Visit. Highly Cost Effective Treatment. Pain Free Experience with Entirely Natural Results.


Composite Bonding Improves Shape, Colour, & Appearance of Your Teeth in One Short Visit. Highly Cost Effective Treatment. Pain Free Experience with Entirely Natural Results.


This case was fixing the open bite and discolouration by composite bonding treatment done by Dr Maish Sage.


In this case as routine for all smile makeover cases, study models are made then wax-up and consultation with patient for approval of new smile then it is transferred on patient teeth.



gema final

Severe crowding change to aligned teeth and  lovely smile in 7 months.


ortho for kids

Uneven bites and crooked teeth have been aligned just in 6.5 months, two lower teeth were not in the arch and placed toward tongue, which re-positioned in 6-7 months.



Closing 5-6 mm gap between upper front teeth in 6 months. Fast and affordable with satisfactory result and all can be acheived with Six Month Smile.



Open bite and gap between teeth corrected just in 6 months.



hosein- veneer

Full veneer for upper teeth to reshape upper 2nd and 3rd teeth at both side, transforming the smile to a Hollywood one.


smile make over

Smile Make-over case with combination of Metal free crowns and Bridge and Emax Veneers.

Missing upper right 2nd and upper right 4th teeth.

Old crowns in lower jaw with dark lines around them, all restored with the combination of metal free crowns and veneers.



Sever overjet and gaps between teeth

Aligning your teeth and smile make over will give you a totally diffrent smile and more confidence.



This is another case of a full veener treatment to give this patient their dream smile. All upper teeth had either been filled or were discoloured previous to the patient starting treatment.


Single Veneer


Upper Right 2nd which was smaller than normal size, reshaped simply by Emax Veneer.

Single Veneer


Another case of smile transformation just with one Veneer.



Implant placement for lower left 3 missing tooth

The story of implant placement simply described in few pictures. After assessment of all teeth, bone and gum tissue, study models are made in the laboratory to mimic the jaw relationship . Immediately, after placing the implant, temporary bridge placed while the implant buried in the bone for almost three months untill integration happened between bone and the implant. Finally, a crown for implant was made after four months and replaced with temporary bridge.

All On 6 Implants

implant smile gallery

All on 6 implant with immidiate fixed bridge placed the same day.

He used to wear a removable denture for upper jaw which was not comfortable and he was looking for an option to have an implant. He got his fixed bridge at the same day.

After a proper consultaion, he was offered the extraction of all remaining teeth in upper jaw and received six implants ( All on 6 ). He also received the same day bridge.

All procedure done with local anesthesia and surgical guide based on his CBCT scan.

This Fixed bridge is temporary.  He has to visit again after 6 months when  after extraction when the gum is healed, then a bridge will be made for him.

Combination Of Implants & 6 Month Smile


When Art and Sience hand together, nothing is impossible.

Missing Upper Left 2nd with gap between upper front teeth and shifting out. The upper left one’s position was corrected. Restore the missing upper left 2nd with single Titanium Implant and metal free crown.

Lower denture supported by Implants

implants 2

This gentleman came for consultation with Dr Sage five months ago complaining about his loose lower denture and food being traped under it.

According to the bone thickness of his jaw,  an implantsupported denture was planned for him as he did not want any bone grafting or complicated procedure. He is very pleased with his new denture and can enjoy his rare steak.

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