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Dental implant before & after photos

This gentleman came for consultation with Dr Sage 5months ago complaining of his loose lower denture that food trapped under it. According to the bone thickness of his jaw , a denture supported by implant was planned for him as he did not want any bone grafting or complicated procedure .He is so pleased with his new denture and can enjoy his rare cocked steak, not only no more food trap under the denture but also perfect retention for it and hardly he can remove his denture.

All-on-6 implants with immediate fixed bridge loading the same day. He used to wear a removable denture for the upper jaw, which was not comfortable, and he was looking for an option to have the implant and receive his fixed bridge on the same day. After a proper consultation, he was offered extraction of all remaining teeth in the upper jaw and the placement of 6 implants (All-on-6), and a bridge, all on the same day. All procedures were done with local anesthesia and a surgical guide based on his CBCT scan. This fixed bridge is temporary, and he will need to come back after 6 months when the gum healing is done after extraction, and then a permanent bridge will be made for him.


Dental Veneers

Full veneer for upper teeth to reshape upper 2&3 teeth both side and change the smile to Hollywood one. This is the way shade colour of Veneers chosen by clients.

Smile Make-over case with combination of Metal free crowns and Bridge and Emax Veneers.

Missing upper right 2 and upper right 4 teeth.

Old crowns in lower jaw with dark lines around them. All restored with combination of metal free crowns and veneers.


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