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Boost your confidence with a white smile in just ten minutes!

Our teeth whitening system has been designed to change your smile 2-3 shades in just 10 minutes.

No sensitivity or pain throughout the process for both in office whitening and home whitening kit for a brand new and confident smile.

Green Lane Dental Practice is revolutionizing the teeth whitening industry. Our proprietary cosmetic teeth whitening system offers immediate results at an affordable price. Here at Green Lane Dental Centre, we offer a quick, pain-free, and enamel safe process that produces guaranteed results.


If you are just after a brighter smile in a quick and simple fashion, this would work the best for you. Done in just 10-15 minutes in the practice, using 6 percent hydrogen peroxide, it gives you a 3 to 4 shade whiter teeth.


If you want the best of a whitening result, then you should go for this package which includes carefully made custom trays as well as two weeks supply of whitening gel for home followed by a 60-minute in practice whitening session.
The result is a long-lasting, pearly white smile that would satisfy even the most demanding tastes.


If you have whitening trays made for you already, we would carefully examine the tight fitness of them, before providing you only with the best available whitening gels in the market.

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    Is teeth whitening safe?

    Years of effective research have proven that professional teeth whitening methods are safe.

    How long does teeth whitening last?

    Although the type of whitening procedure that is performed has a dramatic effect on the outcome and longevity of your results, you can expect lasting results as long as you take proper care of your teeth in the future.

    Will my teeth become sensitive after treatment?

    It is not uncommon for your teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold foods directly after treatment is complete; however, this condition will dissipate over the next couple of days.

    What whitening system is right for me?

    To find out which of our whitening systems are best suited for you, Contact Us today.

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