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Teeth Whitening in South East London

Boost your confidence with a luminous smile in just ten minutes! Our teeth whitening system promises a 2-3 shades transformation in 10 minutes.

Experience a pain-free, sensitivity-free procedure, whether you opt for our in-office whitening or our home whitening kit.

Green Lane Dental Centre is at the forefront of the teeth whitening revolution. Our exclusive cosmetic teeth whitening system offers immediate results without burning a hole in your pocket. Here, we guarantee a swift, painless, and enamel-safe process that ensures you get the desired results.



Are you seeking a brighter smile in the shortest time? This method is perfect for you. In a mere 10-15 minutes at our clinic, using 6% hydrogen peroxide, your teeth can become 3-4 shades whiter.


This package is ideal for those who desire the best whitening results. It includes custom-made trays and a two-week supply of whitening gel for home use. The outcome? A long-lasting, radiant smile that meets even the most exacting standards.


For those who already have whitening trays, we will meticulously examine their fit before providing you with the most premium whitening gels available.

The Truth About Teeth Whitening

Years of research validate that professional teeth whitening methods are entirely safe.

The type of whitening procedure performed significantly affects the outcome and the duration of the results. However, with proper post-whitening care, you can expect lasting results.

It’s not unusual for teeth to be sensitive to temperature extremes right after treatment. However, this sensitivity usually subsides in a few days.

To determine the most suitable whitening system for your needs, please contact us.

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