dental implants
Welcome to Green Lane Dental Centre
Dental Implants Offer
Premium Dental Implants with Crown.
Only £1900 (Was £2750)
Offer Ends Soon. Limited Spots Available!
Dental hygiene
Welcome to Green Lane Dental Centre
20 Minutes Professional Dental Hygiene Session Just £50
Get a professional clean to prevent gum disease and enhance your smile without pain or sensitivity.
Welcome to Green Lane Dental Centre
Most Advanced Invisible Braces
We Provide High-Quality Orthodontic Care in a Relaxed and Friendly Environment.
Welcome to Green Lane Dental Centre

Welcome to Green Lane Dental Centre

Private & NHS Dentist in Penge, Bromley

Make us your one-stop shop for all your dental needs.

We offer NHS dental services, private dentistry, and specialist dental surgical referrals.

We are conveniently located at 17 Green Lane in Penge, Bromley, London, SE20 7JA.


Customer Satisfaction

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Green Lane Dental Centre is also a Referral Centre for Specialist Dental Surgical Procedures.

Smiling is our best asset. Green Lane Dental Centre offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services using the latest dental materials and equipment.

We can provide:

Crowns, Bridges, White Fillings, Porcelain coverings or Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Invisalign clear braces, dental implants. Thus, we can restore broken teeth, missing teeth, fractured or chipped teeth, and discoloured teeth. 

Popular Treatments Offered by Green Lane Dental Centre


Dental Crown / Bridge


Veneers / Bonding


Invisalign / Clear Braces

Comprehensive Dental Care: Emergency, General, and Cosmetic Services Available for All

We can assist you whether you need a day-to-day dentist or an emergency dentist. All emergency patients are welcome, regardless of whether you are registered with our practice or not. Both NHS and private patients are more than welcome to benefit from our dentistry services, and we offer dental implants, bleaching, and hygienist services, as well as general and cosmetic dentistry.

We treat each patient in a professional and friendly manner, irrespective of social standing, age, sex, race or disability – everyone is welcome.

General Dentistry

Elevate your oral health with our exemplary NHS and private dental services. Specialising in general and preventative dentistry, we prioritise the preservation of your natural teeth through minimally invasive techniques and personalized oral hygiene advice. From white fillings and periodontal cleaning to essential treatments like root canals, broken teeth repair, and oral cancer screenings, our committed team ensures your smile remains vibrant and healthy. Enquire now for dedicated, comprehensive dental care! 🦷🌿

Cosmetic Dentistry

Unleash the full potential of your smile with our Experienced cosmetic dentistry team! We specialise in enhancing and transforming smiles, using a combination of expert knowledge and advanced technology. Supported by award-winning ceramists and master technicians, our dentists craft naturally beautiful smiles with precision and care. Reach out today and take a transformative step towards your desired smile! 🌟🦷

NHS Dentistry

NHS Dentistry in Penge, Bromley: At our dental clinic in Penge, we’re proud to offer comprehensive NHS dental services, ensuring that essential dental care is accessible to all. We are committed to providing a range of quality treatments under the NHS, focusing on prevention, maintenance, and essential dental care. Our dedicated team works passionately to promote oral health, helping the community maintain healthy smiles. Contact us to find out more about our NHS offerings and book your appointment today. 🦷🌿

Why Choose Us

Discover the reasons that set us apart and make us the preferred choice for dental care in Penge, Bromley, London.

Five-star customer service

Experience exceptional service, prioritising your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a positive dental visit.

A team that listens & cares

Meet a compassionate team that is attentive to your needs, ensuring personalized and thoughtful dental care.

World-Class dentistry

Benefit from the highest standards of dental practice, where professionalism and expertise thrive.

Unparalleled facilities

Receive treatment in a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology to optimise your care.

London’s leading dental care

Join the community of satisfied smiles benefiting from our cutting-edge practices and compassionate service.

Special offers

Dental Implants

Dental Implants offers a strong, durable, and natural-looking solution to missing teeth.

Invisalign / Clear Braces

Affordable Clear Braces & Aligners, straightening teeth with comfort and convenience in mind.

Dental Veneers / Bonding

High-Quality Dental Veneers / Composite Bonding, enhancing the appearance of your teeth for a confident smile.

Smile Makeover

Your new smile starts here, with transformative procedures that rejuvenate your oral appearance.


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